Monday, December 22, 2008

Welcome Joshua!

Joshua Taylor Bjarnson was born Dec 18th at 10:50pm and weighed 8lbs8oz and was 21 inches long. We are so happy he is finally here. Congrats Mike and Amanda!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Santas visit

Santa made a visit to our family Christmas party this year. Abby was so excited. Joslynn cried the second he walked in and would not get close to him unless I was with her so she sat on my lap while I sat on his. It was so fun. They both got a coloring book and crayons. Abby has not stopped talking about it since it happened!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Hair Cut

What do you do when your sweet almost 2 year old that almost never talks comes up to you with a comb and asks if she can comb your hair? You say yes. I will never know where the scissors came from or if she was asking to comb or cut my hair.

Christmas and decorating

My Make up artist

Abby loves to put on make up she says she wants to make people pretty when she grows up.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

1 month!

Well Yesterday Phil and I have been married for 1 month! It has been so much fun! He surprised me with my 2 favorites, Diet Dr. Pepper and the new Taylor Swift CD. He is so wonderful and i am seriously the luckiest girl in the world! We also get to spend this week with the girls witch means we will have them for Thanksgiving witch I am so excited for. Halloween was horrible without them and I'm not looking forward to not having them for Christmas. I'm just so glad I have Phil to keep my mind off that. It will still be a good Christmas, our first together! All in all things are great for us, We are loving being on our own, but most of all just being together!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Abby and Tinkerbell

Everyone keeps telling me that i have to see the new tinkerbell movie because Abby looks just like her, So while I was at my sisters she put it on for me to show me how much Abby looks like her. It's my own opinion but i think that if you made an animated version of Abby it would not be far off from this!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Our special day preview


Everyone has been asking for pictures of my bridals and wedding.We have not gotten our wedding pictures yet, So here are just a few to hold you off. When we get them I will be sure to put them up asap!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Twilight shirt!

Yah so I got online and found a website called It lets you customize twilight shirts for cheap. So I made one! The front says.... What do you mean Edward Cullen isn't Real? and the back says..... I'm in love with a vampire named Edward... Did I mention I'm married with kids? It is so cute and it was only like twenty dollars to do it. I wanted to take pictures and post them but the camera is broken right now. :( so everyone will just have to imagine how cute it is!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My best friend

Abby is my best friend. She always seems to know when I need a pick me up. When others are not so happy about things going on in my life and it's hard to get an excited reaction by someone else even if I am excited about it it kind of brings me down, but I can always count on the reaction I need from my sweet little Abby. Whether it is just a smile or jumping up and down it brings me up and I find myself excited again even despite feeling like we may be the only ones. I know she can't read this but I love you Abby and thank you for being my best friend!

Cousins and Bath time!

Joslynn Abby and my nephew Alex all took a bath together after eating pie for Jenny's birthday. They are all such good friends. Joslynn loves to maul Alex and he puts up with it too!

Happy Birthday Jenny!

Monday was Jennys birthday and since her husband was out of town we got to spend it with her! It was fun to get some time with her. We are all so busy it feels like we don't get together enough. She is such an amazing woman and I look up to her in so many ways. I love you Jen and am so glad I got you as my sister!(Even though I don't look like it in this picture!) Happy Birthday!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Joslynn the tank!

So those of you who know Joslynn know she is a dare devil and a handful! This is her latest injury that happened when she fell off a bar stool and then the next day fell off her bike, of course landing on her chin once again. Yes that is her chin. Her newest stunt? Jumping off the couch into your arms.... whether your ready for it or not.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I don't know

So things are a little confusing with this whole wedding thing. I don't want to hurt anyones feelings with who I send announcements to. There are people I would like to invite, that I consider good friends but don't know how appropriate it is.(you know who you are) So those of you who would like one please let me know. I love all of you and would love to send you one even if you can't be there or if you could I don't expect you to but I would like you to know you were invited. So let me know. Things are a little weird right now but I hope things start clearing up soon.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Engagment pics

We went and got our engagement pictures yesterday. Our photographer (my daddy) did a good job and we had a lot of fun! Here is a sneak peak!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Joslynns pig tails

Today I finally got piggies into Joslynns hair. Her hair has been long enough for a while but she is so wild I have not been able to get her to hold still long enough to do them. So today I finally got her to hold still. It was not without effort though. She was so proud after. She just sat in front of the mirror playing with them and saying pretty.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Wrapped around her finger

For as long as I can remember Phil has always had this thing about his hair. NOBODY is allowed to touch it. He has really curly hair so it gets messed up easily and takes a really long time for him to get it where he wants it again. I have known this for as long as I have known him and anyone who knows Phil does too. So I was shocked when Abby asked Phil if she could comb his hair and without hesitation he said sure. I almost fell off the couch. But he let her. Not just for a little bit either she moved him from room to room telling him it would be better to go in the living room and then bathroom ect. It was so cute. I think that everyone can tell that she has him wrapped around her little finger. But not many can say no to those big blue eyes.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Wedding stress

So me being the "genius" that I am had the "brilliant" idea to make alot of the decorations for the wedding myself. Well the wedding is getting closer and I am getting more and more stressed with all I have left to do. On Sunday I was making some of the center pieces and getting really frustrated. Phil being the sweetheart that he is could see this and asked what he could do to help. So of course I told him expecting him to laugh at me and say no way. but he didn't! He helped me paint and glue and he even came up with some freakin awesome ideas. It was so nice to have some of that burden taken off of me. I'm so lucky to have someone who is willing to do anything to help me out even if it means he has to do crafts! I love you babe!

First day of preschool

It was Abby's first day of preschool today. She was so excited she woke up at the crack of dawn and got all ready. Then she just waited by the door till it was time. These pics were actually taken about 3 hours before school. I had told her I wanted to take some and she couldn't wait any longer. She was so cute with her little back pack. I just can't believe she is in preschool! Next is kindergarten. I don't even want to think about that though!!!!

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Finally 21!

I'm finally an adult! A real one! I had a great birthday this weekend. It was so much fun!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Being us

I figured since my sis Jen could post naked pictures on her blog so could I. (love ya jen!) This is me and Phil after a night swim. It was freezing so we decided to go hot tubbing. This is our hot tub. We also played with the girls rubber duckies that his mom had got them. They squirt water out of their mouths and everything! It was awesome. This is just how we are. We are both crazy and that is what makes it so fun. Oh ps don't worry Heidi is taking the picture witch means she was there. The door was open the whole time. NO FOUL PLAY WENT ON I PROMISE! LOL!

My little DIVA!

Abby is my little diva. She is so up with the times. She tells me when my clothes are not "hip" (in her words) and songs come on the radio that I have never heard before and suddenly she knows all the words and is singing and dancing along. And you get the camera out and she is all for modeling and striking a pose. Like in this picture. She had just woke up and was still groggy but once I got the camera out she knew exactly what to do! She is growing up so fast!

My little clown!

Joslynn is like my own little clown. Whenever I'm having a bad day she always seems like she can sense it and does something funny to make me laugh. Like today I was having some issues with some people voicing opinions....anyway she put on Heidis sunglasses and started almost modeling them. It was so cute! I was laughing so hard. When she saw I was laughing instead of crying she just smiled at me like she had accomplished what she wanted to. She is so sweet.

Friday, August 22, 2008

We went to a carnival today. It was so much fun. The girls loved it. My sister Jenny and her husband Shawn's stake put one on every year. There is free food and tonz of games and stuff. This year was the first that Joslynn was old enough to enjoy it. They are both getting so big it is so much fun!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

On a happier note....

The girls just love there cousin Alex. Joslynn loves to kiss and hug him and Abby is just like a big sister to him. They are always asking their Aunt Jenny if they can hold baby Alex.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

My girls

Just one more thing. I am not giving up time with my girls. I have them just as much time as Randon does. That has not changed. I see them alot. I love them I take care of them I'm a freaking good mom. This is no different than any other divorce with kids involved. and until you have been there can you say anything. I am marrying Phil. I'm way happy about that. You can't tell me who to love. You can't tell me what I'm "giving up." Don't you think that me being the one in the unhappy marriage would be the best person to decide if this is what I want or not? This is the last I will say on the matter. You're an idiot. Grow up. Butt out. I'm an adult I can make my own decisions. Anyone else who feels the need to say what everyone else is too scared to say can keep their mouths shut. Ever hear the saying if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all. I ask you to do that. Let me enjoy this happy time for me and Phil. Stop ruining things for me.


Alright.... Here I go again. All I have to say to this person that won't leave me alone is to butt out. I don't need you to tell me how to live my life or how to deal with MY kids. I know the effect this is having on them. But what effect did it have on them when their mom was always depressed and not happy. Please I'm begging you whoever you are to leave me alone. You are not my friend. You have no clue what is going on. You are looking at it from the outside. How can you sit there and judge me? You don't have a clue about anything leading up to what is going on. You talk about god and how can this be ok with him, but how can god be ok with you judging me? When you were not living in my house with me? This is my life. My decisions. My family. My kids! You know nothing about them. I love them so very much and so does Phil. You are not there to see them run to him, to see them call him their daddy. Abby is so excited to have 2 daddys. You are not there! They see that mommy is happy. The effect this has on them is nothing compared to what it would have been if I would have stayed in an unhappy marriage. You don't know Phil. Stop judging what you have no idea about! If this keeps up I will delete my blog and everyone will miss out on keeping up on me and MY girls. I don't know if anyone would miss it. At this point I don't know who my friends are. Obviously you are too chicken to tell me who you really are because you know that what you are doing and saying is wrong. You say that you are only saying what no one else dares say but hello obviously you don't dare say it because you have to use a fake name! All I ask is that you leave me alone. Leave my family alone. Stop telling me how to live my life. Maybe you should take a step back and look at your own life. Your not perfect either. We all make mistakes. Mine I would not change because I got my 2 beautiful girls out of it. But I'm moving on now. I'm happy. If you were a friend you would see that. You would care about that. So please come out from behind the curtain. Come tell me what everyone else is so afraid to tell me. But don't hide behind the internet. Tell me to my face. And i will tell you where to shove it!


Alright well in answer to a comment made on my blog I would like to clear things up. First of all I am not still married the divorce was finalized over a month and a half ago. So maybe whoever you are should get the facts straight before posting a comment on someones blog. I have prayed about it, but that is non of your business. What I do is between me and the lord. I'm sorry you feel the need to butt in. I don't know who you are or if I even know you. but if I do please let me know because you are no friend of mine. This IS a happy time for me and Phil. and to be honest I don't give a rats what you or ANYONE else thinks. I'm happy. If you ask me that is what matters. So to sum it up I do feel comfortable being engaged because I AM DIVORCED! You can even clear that up with my ex if needs be. But from now on anyone that feels the need to post negative comments on my blog shouldn't be looking at it. Its for my FRIENDS and FAMILY to keep up on my life. And if you feel that way you are neither of those. Let me live my life and you live yours. Oh and in case you didn't get it I AM NOT STILL MARRIED!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Abby loves to wear sunglasses. She walks around copying everything her aunt Heidi does.

Friday, August 8, 2008


So Phil popped the question today! I'm so excited. We r thinking January. I know you all r thinking it's fast but Phil and I dated a while ago and we both have prayed about it. This is what I want. Hope you all can be happy for me because i am!