Thursday, March 26, 2009


I love love love pink! and I make sure that Phil knows that. As most of you know Phil is a Very active person. He is a personal trainer at golds gym and likes to do alot of sports. Every time he asks me if I want to try playing something new I tell him the same think. Buy me it in pink and I will. So far I have a pink racquet ball racket, pink safety glasses, and pink racquet balls. I actually enjoy racquet ball! So today Phil mentioned he needs to start training for track and asked if I wanted to train with him for fun. Of course my answer was sure, buy me shoes in pink and I will. So what did he do? He got online and bought me these cute pink track spikes! Who would of thought I could be so excited to run and learn how to jump hurdles! Next task is to get him to buy me pink golf clubs! I sure wish pink things were not so expensive though! I think they charge you extra! I also found pink boxing gloves! I think that the cure to my laziness and not wanting to be active was that I didn't have the right equipment. All I needed was everything in PINK! I will keep you all posted on my pink sports equipment collection I know your all dying to know! By the way, I LOVE PINK!

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