Thursday, April 30, 2009

Night night babies

I have a few short videos on my phone that I like to look at when I am missing the girls while they are at their dads. They are all so cute so I decided to share.
This is an older one but it's still one of my favorites. Joslynn made her babies a bed on the floor in the living room and made us turn out all of the lights (in the middle of the day) so that she could sing her babies to sleep.

Dancing wii girls

This is one of the girls playing High School Musical on the wii.

Wheels on the bus

Joslynn is slowly learning to talk. She speaks in broken sentences so when she started singing in the tub I had to video it!

Do you have a ticket?

This is Abby's new thing. Phil does it to me all the time and the other day she just walked up to me and said it. I was laughing so hard. The video is hard to understand but she is asking if you have a ticket to the gun show.

Hula Abby

This is Abby playing Hula hoop on the wii. She really gets into it!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Officer John

Abby has been scared of police officers for the last little bit. Every time she sees one she runs away scarred they will take her to jail. My mom and I were worried about how scarred she was and tried to tell her that police were good but she still didn't believe us. So my mom called a guy in her ward that is a policeman and asked what he thought we should do. He came right over and brought her a badge and donuts and explained to her that his job was to keep little kids and their mommy's and daddy's safe. He let her wear his shirt and even took her out to his police car and let her run the lights and sirens. She was so happy and excited and she says from now on she will wave at them instead of run away.

Abbys dance

Abby did a dance with Randon's little brother Gerrick's girlfriend last week. She practiced alot for it and she had so much fun. She danced her little heart out!It was so fun to see it. The first picture is of Abby and her old dance teacher Brooke, the second is her and Gerricks girlfriend Megan and the third is her in her dance dress.

Grandmas scooter

Phil's mom bought this scooter from Phil when we got married. Sunday it was pretty warm so Phil took the girls for a little ride up and down the street. They loved it.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Poor Joslynn

We went to the ear doctor again. Joslynn has been having ear infections again and she is not talking as much as she should be. Her right ear no longer has it's tube and is full of fluid making it so she can't hear. They are going in on May 11th to put new tubes in and drain all the fluid. They will also take out her adenoids. I know it is a common surgery but I am still freaking out. All I can think about is how it will make her feel better in the long run.