Saturday, April 18, 2009

Poor Joslynn

We went to the ear doctor again. Joslynn has been having ear infections again and she is not talking as much as she should be. Her right ear no longer has it's tube and is full of fluid making it so she can't hear. They are going in on May 11th to put new tubes in and drain all the fluid. They will also take out her adenoids. I know it is a common surgery but I am still freaking out. All I can think about is how it will make her feel better in the long run.


Nate and Kristin said...

I'm sorry Lyndsie! That's so sad. That is a lot for a little girl. Good luck with everything and your right, it will be so much better in the end!

sweetieabbott said...

Oh, poor girl. I hope that she gets some relief in her ear soon. They are just so painful. :( Good luck with the surgery, it'll all work out. :)