Thursday, May 21, 2009

Jos on drugs

Jos started crying the second we walked in to get her weight for her surgery so they had to give her a sedative so that she would go with the anastesiologist.(NO CLUE HOW TO SPELL THAT!) Anyway the second is a pic of Jos while we were waiting in the lobby. The first is after they gave her the sedative. It was so funny because she would just start laughing and giggling out of the blue but couldn't hold up her head let alone walk so we had to hold her. The anastesiologist came and got her in a wagon and we walked her to the door. Then he said ok mom and dad this is where you say goodbye and looked down at Jos adding not like she cares. She was so out of it. But as soon as we said goodbye she was crying and trying her best to climb out of the wagon with no success since she couldn't even sit up. It was so sad and I tried so hard not to cry as we walked away and she cried all the way down the hall reaching for us. But it turned out ok and she is still recovery well. Now I can just look at this pic and laugh remembering how funny it was and how everyone in the lobby knew she was on something and laughed.

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