Thursday, July 30, 2009

So grown up

My sister took this picture of Joslynn the other night and sent it to me. I can't believe how grown up she looks in it!

Cowgirl up

Barbies anyone?

I had to grab the camera as fast as I could as soon as Abby asked Phil to play barbies with her. He was a good sport and I think he has officially been initiated into being a dad now.

Lake Tahoe

We went to Sacramento for Phils little sisters open house. They were married about a month ago in Salt Lake but he is from Sacramento so we went to the open house. On the way there we stopped at Lake Tahoe. I HATE this picture of me I look HUGE but it is the only picture we got of our trip so I have no choice but to post it.

Long lost pics

Abby playing soccer

Swimming at the pool

Just a rainy day.

The girls with their Grandpa Despain

Daddy can I shave too?

Everytime phil mentions shaving Abby gets so excited. The first time she asked I found a nair razor (the ones without the blade) and ever since then it has been HER razor. If Phil mentions shaving you know that Abby is right there behind him saying "Daddy can I shave too?"