Monday, September 28, 2009


One of my favorite memories of when I was little is that every once in awhile we would get to get dinner from the little hamburger stand called Central Park. My mom was always really good about making dinner (a trait I did not pick up on but wish I had!) so we did not get to eat out a lot. But when we did it was always special for me. Since then all of the central parks have slowly dwindled and oh how I miss those bugers. Recently Phil got a job offer for a gym in Kaysville and we set out to investigate it. but before that I thought I remembered seeing a Central Park off of the freeway on our way to Logan. I got online and sure enough there is one in Sunset Utah. Phil found out where it was and took me to it on his way to Kaysville. It was actually very out of the way but I had been craving one for a little while and he is such a good husband! (and he probably was sick of hearing me complain about it.) Anyway it was not as good as I remembered it being but it still hit the spot and I was very happy! It satisfied that craving. He is being so good about craviings. This is definetly his baby though because if you know me you know that I absolutly HATE lettuce and water. but those are the two things that I have been craving nonstop! I aslo have been craving v8 juice too. Phil went at 11:45 on satuday night to get me some! I talked to his mom about it and found out that that is what she craved when she was pregnant with him so we have decided that its a red headed boy thing. Guess we will see!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Our baby

We went to our appointment today and things are looking fine. The baby had a strong heart beat! We are so excited but still nervous. We are nowhere close to being out of the danger zone yet. My Dr. is putting me on progesterone shots to try and help the blood flow more. When I am pregnant my blood clots and it kills the babies. Hopefully this will help! Other than that things are good and we can just hope and pray that we get to keep this little one!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I might as well tell you......

After a talk with Phil we decided to announce that I am pregnant! I am due May 8th and we are very excited! We were not going to tell anyone till later because I was bleeding very heavily and we thought we might lose it, but after many test the baby seems fine and the bleeding has stopped. I have an ultrasound on monday just to make sure. This is the reason we decided to announce early, with my history of miscarriages we could use all of the prayers we can get. We would really like to keep this little one and are asking for your thoughts and prayers! Thanks everyone!!!!!!!!! I will keep you all updated. :) WISH US LUCK!