Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween fun!

We had so much fun with the girls this year. Abby was beautiful Belle and Joslynn was the cutest little witch. We went to a few houses trick or treating but the girls were not really into it. They had more fun at grandmas and Grandpas handing out candy. What kid doesn't want to go trick or treating! Silly little girls.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

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Squeezing things in

Things have been crazy lately and trying to find time to do Halloween things with the kids has been almost impossible. With me having school every night that they are with me, Abby in preschool and Phil working 2 jobs and starting his own company there has not been a second to do pumpkins. So this afternoon Abby didn't have school so we decided that it was now or never. Carving pumpkins is not my favorite thing and we were scrunched for time so we decided to just let the girls color faces on their pumpkins instead. They had alot of fun and I was glad that I got to be there. I feel like I miss out on alot and I know that they are always doing fun holiday things with their dad so it was good to get a second to do something fun even if it was just an afternoon.

Abby coloring her pumpkin

Joslynn working hard on hers

Abbys end result. Notice the sharp teeth!

Joslynns pumpkin

First SNOW!

This is us as we set out today in the snow! When Abby woke up this morning and saw the snow she asked me if Santa had come. I laughed and then tried to explain to her that we still had 2 more Holidays before Christmas.

Joslynn excited about the snow!

Abby all ready for the snow!

And this is Phil being Ba Hum Bug about the snow.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

1 year and counting!

Today is Phil and I's one year anniversary. It being Sunday we decided to celebrate yesterday. I woke up thinking we would just wing it but Phil had everything planned. And it was all a surprise. We got in the car and he took me to the Highschool and asked if he could run the mile. I was confused but said I guessed it was ok. He laughed and said he was joking. He then took me to the park where he purposed and pulled a picnic basket out of the trunk. It was very cute and he even had little umbrellas for our drinks.

After our picnic he took me to park city to window shop at the outlet malls. We had so much fun looking at the baby clothes and "fighting" about what we are going to be having. By the time I was worn out it was dinner time. We went to TGI Fridays (My favorite place) and had an awesome dinner followed by a movie that was not as good as dinner. It was a great day and I am so lucky to have you in my life honey. I can't wait until we can be sealed and spend eternity together. You are my life and your going to be a great daddy! I love you!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Mommy Joslynn time

I don't get alot of alone time with Jos. I get some with Abby while Jos is sleeping but it seems like Jos and I don't get any. So today while Abby was at preschool we skipped Joslynns nap and I took her out shopping. She needed some warm clothes and I am in desperate need of some maternity clothes. First we went to kmart. I have been trying to find decent priced maternity pants everywhere and this was a last ditch effort. No success, but while we were there Jos got to ride the mini Merry go round there. She loved it and even picked out which ones she will ride on next time. Then we went to Target and got some lunch together. We had fun eating there and we got some really cute winter clothes for her and Abby. By this time it was time to pick up Abby so we grabbed Abby some food from the cafe on our way out and set off to find her preschool. Randon usually takes her because I havent had a car so I had never been there. Luckily it was not hard to find. Then we came home and had a fashion show. They tried on ALL their clothes and picked what they were going to wear for the week. It was a fun day. I want to make time for the girls at least once every week where I get to spend some one on one time with them. They are so sweet and their personalities just shine ecspecially when it is just me and them. Mommy had so much fun with you today Joslynn. Thanks for being my little princess, and Abby I can't wait to have our girl time!

11 weeks 2 days

We had my doctors appointment today. Things are looking good and I even got the ok to exercise a little! I am so excited about this! We got to see the baby really clearly this time. It's arms and legs were moving like crazy. This baby was never holding still through the whole ultrasound. The doc was laughing at how much it was moving. We got to see the arms flailing around and the legs kicking like crazy. We are so excited about this and Phil says that the baby is active just like his daddy.

Our car!

So our car was found down town on Thursday. We were not notified. We got a message from our insurance company on Friday that they recieved a fax that it had been recovered and they wanted to know in what condition. Of course we didn't know. So Today (Monday) Phil and his mom spent ALL day at the DMV trying to sort things out. Because it was towed and left there so long there was a hefty fee that we are hoping insurance covers. We tried to fight it because we were not even notified but they were not budging. The car is in better shape than we expected. They took everything we had in it including the cd player and it smells horrible! They had to of smoked weed in it. Anyway apparently they were too good for my country cds cause they left them in it. Haha Phil they look all of his gangster music. Serves him right for listening to junk. Anyway they were idiots I can tell you that much. First of all they left all of their tools from ripping the cd player out in the car, second insead of just opening the trunk with the lever next to the seat (DUH you have all ready stolen the car, you just drove it!) they ripped the child seat hooks out in the back and pried the back seat open to get in the trunk. (um IDIOTS this was probably after they had smoked the weed) So some good news here. We now have two cars once we get the other one detailed (Last thing we need is to get unborn baby high) and it looks like insurance will cover what was in it except for our deductable!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Not such great luck

So things have been tough lately. Friday morning I woke up to Phil calmly telling me that our one and only car had been stolen right out of our car port. It was a stressful day full of phone calls and lists of things in the car. I will say that we have learned our lesson though. We had almost $2000 worth of stuff in the car. We have a $500 dollar deductable so we don't get that back but we will get some hopefully. We have been trying to decide if this was a sign that we need to move since our lease is up at the end of this month. This morning Phil went to get the mail with Joslynn and found that someone had broken their key off in our mailbox making it so we can not get our mail until they replace the lock. Things seem to be piling up here and all signs are pointing to a move but we just don't know where. Needless to say I am stressed! Our car was not the best but it ran and it's value is not enough to get another one that is in as good shape as it was. The insurance company made us wait 72 hours before filing a claim incase it showed up, so this morning we filed and they told us we had to wait another 2 weeks before they would cut us a check. But thankfully family has stepped in letting us use extra cars so that Phil can get to work and I can get to school. What would we do without family? I know I would be so lost right now! Thanks guys we love you so much!
PS I have deleted my pink collection that was on the side of my blog as most of it was in the trunk of the car. :(

Sunday, October 4, 2009


School has been very hard for me lately and I have regreted starting it. Don't get me wrong I love it! I have fun doing it and I think I am pretty good but leaving the girls is getting harder and harder. Abby has started preschool and so she is gone from 12-2:30 or 3. She gets home and I have to get ready for school and drop them off by 4 so I can get to class before 5. I feel like I never get to see her any more and they are growing up so fast. I know it will be worth it in the long run but right now I feel like it was a bad idea. I miss my babies and my husband so much! By the time I get home at 10 I have to do my online class and go to bed. I have no time for anyone and I am so sick that any free time is spent throwing up. Anyway thanks for letting me vent! Here are my manikin heads that I work on. The man one Phil and I named Fabio and the girl is Ragina :)

A birdie is going to sit on it

This is Joslynns pout face. Whenever she does it I pretend my fingers are a bird and tell her a birdie is going to sit on it then I make my fingers perch on her lip and say tweet tweet. She would laugh so hard. Now instead of laughing though she just pretends to eat the bird and continues to pout saying birdie is all gone now. These girls are so wonderful and they brighten up my days!

Abbys new face

This is Abbys new face and it cracks me up! She pulls it all the time now and it makes my day!

UEA weekend

Thursday I didn't have school and either did Abby so we decided to do something fun with the girls. We took them to Artic Circle for lunch and then to Gardner Village and saw the witches. It was very busy so we parked on the Jordan Parkway and walked a little. They had fun looking and they even got to see some girls dance. Joslynn was scared of the witches and so she wouldn't get near them without Phil in the picture too. All through walking around Joslynn kept having trouble with her boots and I couldn't figure out what was going on with it. Her foot kept going sdieways. After like the eighth time of stopping I had Phil look at it and it turned out her zipper had split and her heal was hanging out the side. The poor girl couldn't even walk straight. We tried to fix it but it was no use. She was a good sport and didn't even ask to be carried until we were walking back to the car. They are doing so good at being patient with me. I am not suppose to lift over 20 pounds so both of them are feeling neglected sometimes but they have been really good about letting Phil carry them and sitting on my lap. I had so much fun with them! We went to the candy shop and looked around but I told Abby if she waited we would take them to Harmons and they could get alot more candy for the same price. She agreed. I think her favorite shop was the quilt shop though. She kept showing us all of the quilts that her Grandma Mary would love. It was so cute to see her light up about it!