Monday, October 19, 2009

Mommy Joslynn time

I don't get alot of alone time with Jos. I get some with Abby while Jos is sleeping but it seems like Jos and I don't get any. So today while Abby was at preschool we skipped Joslynns nap and I took her out shopping. She needed some warm clothes and I am in desperate need of some maternity clothes. First we went to kmart. I have been trying to find decent priced maternity pants everywhere and this was a last ditch effort. No success, but while we were there Jos got to ride the mini Merry go round there. She loved it and even picked out which ones she will ride on next time. Then we went to Target and got some lunch together. We had fun eating there and we got some really cute winter clothes for her and Abby. By this time it was time to pick up Abby so we grabbed Abby some food from the cafe on our way out and set off to find her preschool. Randon usually takes her because I havent had a car so I had never been there. Luckily it was not hard to find. Then we came home and had a fashion show. They tried on ALL their clothes and picked what they were going to wear for the week. It was a fun day. I want to make time for the girls at least once every week where I get to spend some one on one time with them. They are so sweet and their personalities just shine ecspecially when it is just me and them. Mommy had so much fun with you today Joslynn. Thanks for being my little princess, and Abby I can't wait to have our girl time!


Amy said...

She is so cute! If you still haven't found some maternity clothes, you should check out in the classifieds. someone might be selling all of theirs for a good price!

Shay said...

Sounds fun! That's great news on your baby and your car!