Monday, October 19, 2009

Our car!

So our car was found down town on Thursday. We were not notified. We got a message from our insurance company on Friday that they recieved a fax that it had been recovered and they wanted to know in what condition. Of course we didn't know. So Today (Monday) Phil and his mom spent ALL day at the DMV trying to sort things out. Because it was towed and left there so long there was a hefty fee that we are hoping insurance covers. We tried to fight it because we were not even notified but they were not budging. The car is in better shape than we expected. They took everything we had in it including the cd player and it smells horrible! They had to of smoked weed in it. Anyway apparently they were too good for my country cds cause they left them in it. Haha Phil they look all of his gangster music. Serves him right for listening to junk. Anyway they were idiots I can tell you that much. First of all they left all of their tools from ripping the cd player out in the car, second insead of just opening the trunk with the lever next to the seat (DUH you have all ready stolen the car, you just drove it!) they ripped the child seat hooks out in the back and pried the back seat open to get in the trunk. (um IDIOTS this was probably after they had smoked the weed) So some good news here. We now have two cars once we get the other one detailed (Last thing we need is to get unborn baby high) and it looks like insurance will cover what was in it except for our deductable!

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