Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A day in my life.....

My sweet girls are always keeping me laughing. Just to give you a taste of everyday with them here are some things they have said just today.

As I am on facebook Jos and Abby are on their play computers. Jos leans over and says "What are you posting?"

Abby was crying all morning. So I tell her "Abby take a chill pill." She cries harder and I tell her, "Abby, I'm serious, take a chill pill or your going to take a nap." She sobbs "But mom I don't know what a chill pill is!"

Jos and Abby are playing dress up in their room. Abby calls "mommy Joslynn hit me with her wand" I yell back "Joslynn don't hit with it or I will take it away." Joslynn yells "I'm not hitting I am smacking!"

Joslynn and Abby are singing Santa clause is coming to town, they get to the part where he checks his list twice. They start fighting. Abby says he checks it twice Joslynn says he only checks it once. They continue fighting about it. Abby asks Jos "Why would he only check it once?" To this Jsolynn answers, "I don't know but thats why I got presents!"

It's time to do hair. I tell Abby to come get her hair done. She says "Mom remember when you did my hair yesterday? Can we just count that for today too?"

The girls are playing with their cell phones. Joslynn is calling Abby. Abby is not paying attention. Finally Jos yells "Hello! Abby, I'm calling you on your Iphone!"

Hope you got a laugh!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Dads surprise 50th b-day party

My dads birthday is the day after Joslynns so we told him we were going to do a dinner but we really had a huge surprise party! I think he knew something was going on but I don't think he had any idea how much! It was fun to see all of his old friends and family that we haven't seen for awhile. I hope he had fun we sure did. But it was definitly alot of work and by the time I got home the girls and I crashed. I'm sure my sister Jenny who is also pregnant did the same! I didn't get as many pictures as I wanted. There were so many people and it was so crazy I didn't get a chance but I got a few good ones. Happy birthday dad!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Bunkbed and moonshine

We spent the day today getting the girls Santa gift set up. They got a bunkbed from santa and new bedding from my parents. Since we have a little one coming we had to free up the crib/toddler bed Joslynn has been sleeping in plus make room in their tiny room for all 3 kids. Not to mention Joslynn falls out of the toddler bed all the time because she is too big for it. That girl is growing like a weed. Anyway it was cute to see Abby so interested in helping my dad and Phil put it together.

I had to take a picture of her little moonshine as she helped. It was SO cute! She is such a plumber all the time. lol

I think it turned out really cute and it will be even better when we dejunk it all and get their Christmas toys organized. They are so excited to sleep in it tonight I might take advantage of it and put them down a little early! :)

Joslynns Birthday

Since Joslynns birthday is on a Sunday this year (tomorrow) we took her to Applebees tonight. She made sure everyone knew it was her Birthday dinner.

She was not too sure when they started singing to her.

But after she was all smiles. She has been talking about them singing to her all night!

I can't believe my baby girl is going to be 3 tomorrow. It is so wierd. On one hand it's like I can't believe she is only 3 because she is as big as Abby and wears a 5t in clothes. But on the other hand she is my baby and I remember when she was born like it was yesterday. I love you Jos and I hope you have a wonderful birthday!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

To go or not to go.....that is the question

So we have been faced with a little dilemma. We thought we had timed this pregnancy perfectly so that spring semester would be out and I could just take summer off and go back in fall. Come to find out we actually timed it horribly. After my ultrasound I am due May 7Th and we just found out that my last final is may 6Th. Hmmm....this is not good. With Abby I was induced because I was 4 days late, with Joslynn I was induced 2 weeks early due to complications. So will this be the time that I go into labor by myself? Who knows. Normally I would not worry and just go and let whatever happens happen but after talking to my teachers I have found that if I were to go into labor and miss a final they could not let me retake it due to certain deadlines and the earliest they would allow me to take the finals is the 3rd. So what to do? The biggest problem we have is if for some reason I went even a little early and had to miss a final I would not only have to retake all my classes but we would have to repay FASFA anything that they gave us. Now I don't know about any of you but there is a reason why we qualify for FASFA in the first place, we can't afford to pay for me to go to school. Another thing that my husband so kindly brought up is how badly I deal with stress. I stress over little details so when the big details hit I pretty much break down. Not good for either me or baby. So do I risk failing my classes to get another semester under my belt? Or do I play it safe and take the next two semesters off? This is the decision that I have to make. And let me tell you I am very stressed about it!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I love you baby brother

Both the girls are always asking how their baby is doing. Whenever they come back from their dads it is one of the first things they ask. This morning Joslynn crawled onto my stomach and started hugging and talking to the baby. "I love you baby brother. I love you way much."

Friday, December 11, 2009

Date Night

For our date night this week we went with some friends to see the lights at Temple Square. It was quite the experience! First of all we chose the night that Natalie Cole was performing with the Tab choir so it was PACKED! Second of all we parked and took Trax, also packed. We almost missed the train so you can picture us full out running to catch it, of course with the pregnant one (me) bringing up the rear and lets face it trying not to pee my pants as I ran. And third it was just flat out FREEZING! But it was pretty and it ended up being a pretty good night cause I was with my wonderful husband who always made sure I was doing ok and had a seat on the train.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Pictures of our baby boy!

He was in a hard position to get a profile picture
He made sure we knew he is a BOY!
His cute little feet

Him covering his face. He did this the whole time!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Getting it out in the open

I made comment on my mom's facebook recently that has cause quite an uproar. She was having a hard day and was offended by a comment made about her surgery. I offered my support in a way that turned out to have offended many family members. To anyone I have offended I am sorry. It was not my intent. I only wanted to make my mom feel better. Please accept my apology and I truly am sorry that people feel that I am unstable and dramatic. My intentions were not to hurt anyone and I am sorry about the way I went about it.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Mr. Elf

When Abby was really little we recieved a Christmas gift from a friend in the ward. It was a little elf. It came with intructions. The elf watches the kids every minute and can see them no matter where they are. Since Santa is very busy right now everynight the elf reports back to him on if the kids were good that day or not and when they wake up the elf has "magically" moved to a new hiding place. Last year this little elf was our life saver! The girls would wake up every morning and look for it and every time they started to do something naughty all I had to say was uhoh I hope the elf won't tell Santa about that. Today Abby and Joslynn were picking up some crayons that had spilled and Abby asked Jos to move cause she was standing on some. The next thing I knew Joslynn had full out punched Abby right in the face closed fist and all. As she cried in time out I remembered the elf. I think it's time to get him out. Just in case any of you with small children need a good idea this year! I love this elf and wish I could keep him out year round! I will post a picture later when I can safely get him out of his box without little eyes around. :)