Friday, December 11, 2009

Date Night

For our date night this week we went with some friends to see the lights at Temple Square. It was quite the experience! First of all we chose the night that Natalie Cole was performing with the Tab choir so it was PACKED! Second of all we parked and took Trax, also packed. We almost missed the train so you can picture us full out running to catch it, of course with the pregnant one (me) bringing up the rear and lets face it trying not to pee my pants as I ran. And third it was just flat out FREEZING! But it was pretty and it ended up being a pretty good night cause I was with my wonderful husband who always made sure I was doing ok and had a seat on the train.

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Dawn said...

How fun even if there where some not so fun things that happened. The not so fun things help us remember what fun we had, I know sounds dumb but if you think about the things you remember when you were little what not so fun things when with it? I know it gets old but I'm so happy your happy!