Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A day in my life.....

My sweet girls are always keeping me laughing. Just to give you a taste of everyday with them here are some things they have said just today.

As I am on facebook Jos and Abby are on their play computers. Jos leans over and says "What are you posting?"

Abby was crying all morning. So I tell her "Abby take a chill pill." She cries harder and I tell her, "Abby, I'm serious, take a chill pill or your going to take a nap." She sobbs "But mom I don't know what a chill pill is!"

Jos and Abby are playing dress up in their room. Abby calls "mommy Joslynn hit me with her wand" I yell back "Joslynn don't hit with it or I will take it away." Joslynn yells "I'm not hitting I am smacking!"

Joslynn and Abby are singing Santa clause is coming to town, they get to the part where he checks his list twice. They start fighting. Abby says he checks it twice Joslynn says he only checks it once. They continue fighting about it. Abby asks Jos "Why would he only check it once?" To this Jsolynn answers, "I don't know but thats why I got presents!"

It's time to do hair. I tell Abby to come get her hair done. She says "Mom remember when you did my hair yesterday? Can we just count that for today too?"

The girls are playing with their cell phones. Joslynn is calling Abby. Abby is not paying attention. Finally Jos yells "Hello! Abby, I'm calling you on your Iphone!"

Hope you got a laugh!


Dawn said...

good thing I was not there I would have laughed and then kissed them but most of all it would be their own fault if I swished them!

BreAnne said...

That's so much fun! Haha, I can't even imagine how often you just have to shake your head an laugh at the funny things they come up with. That's awesome.

Heidi jo. said...

Ohmygoodness. I love my nieces. They are freaking hilarious!