Thursday, December 3, 2009

Mr. Elf

When Abby was really little we recieved a Christmas gift from a friend in the ward. It was a little elf. It came with intructions. The elf watches the kids every minute and can see them no matter where they are. Since Santa is very busy right now everynight the elf reports back to him on if the kids were good that day or not and when they wake up the elf has "magically" moved to a new hiding place. Last year this little elf was our life saver! The girls would wake up every morning and look for it and every time they started to do something naughty all I had to say was uhoh I hope the elf won't tell Santa about that. Today Abby and Joslynn were picking up some crayons that had spilled and Abby asked Jos to move cause she was standing on some. The next thing I knew Joslynn had full out punched Abby right in the face closed fist and all. As she cried in time out I remembered the elf. I think it's time to get him out. Just in case any of you with small children need a good idea this year! I love this elf and wish I could keep him out year round! I will post a picture later when I can safely get him out of his box without little eyes around. :)


Shay said...

That's such a cute idea!

Dawn said...

I wish I had a do over but all I had was the "pillow case".