Friday, January 22, 2010

It just makes me smile

It just makes me smile when......

I go to add something to my grocery list and I find this.

I drop everything and run to Jos thinking something is wrong and she starts laughing because she fooled me again.

Jos walks around saying she has a baby in her tummy too and jumping when it "kicks" her.

We spend 20 minutes trying to get a picture with both girls smiling, looking at the camera, and not blurred from moving right as its taken!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Full again?

Sometimes I go to take a picture and my card is full....yet again. And I think how is this possible? Well this is how and believe me my camera is full of ones just like it!

The perfect Mom

Sometimes weekends are hard for me. After the girls leave I sit and think about times when I was short with them or when I wasn't as patient as I should have been. And then I think of how innocent they are. How sweet they are. How when I yell or get mad and they are sad they still want me to be the one to comfort them. It's amazing how forgiving they are. It's times like these that I think maybe this is a good thing. Maybe I need this to let me know how much I take them for granted. All I know is that little by little I am learning from my mistakes. When I am about to lose my temper with them I think remember last time? Remember all the tears you cried after they were gone and how you wished you could just hold them and tell them you were sorry. And suddenly I am calm. It amazes me and I am actually very thankful for those lonely weekends where I spend most of the time counting the days, hours or minutes until I get to hug them again and promising myself that I will try harder every week to be a better mom. Last weekend I was struggling very badly. Abby had had her surgery and Joslynn was desperate for some attention. I wanted so badly to just make Abbys pain go away that I totally neglected Joslynn, and when she acted out for some attention I put her in time out. I was so mean to her because I was so worried about Abby and it was not until after both of them left that it hit me what I had done. I cried all weekend wanting to make things right with Jos and when she came on Sunday she threw her arms around me as if nothing had happend. I have some very special girls. I am so glad that they are willing to give me second and third and fourth chances and I hope that one day I can be the perfect mom! Until then I will continue to learn from my mistakes and soak in every second I have with them!

Little shadows

Sometimes it seems like we have little shadows that follow us around even if the sun isn't up. This was one of those times. I had to get a picture! They are so darn cute!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Abby's surgery

Abby had to go in to have some teeth removed. She had a major infection and they were sure they would have to remove her mollers and the teeth in front of them. Well After starting the surgery they found that only two of the teeth were completely dead. After doing some root canals and crowns they were able to save all but 2 of her teeth. They removed the 2 bottom mollers and fastened a brace to the ones in front of them so that the mollers will grow in correctly. Eventually the other teeth will have to be removed but for now they are serving a purpose. Abby was very violent coming out of the anesthesia. I swear I am bruised everywhere! but after getting her home she calmed down and is healing well!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

My new hobby

After looking EVERYWHERE for a cute cheap diaper bag and having no luck I have decided to sell them myself. I have started a blog that I can have people email me orders for bags I have found through a wholesale retailer. They are SUPER cute and the cheapest I have found. Best of all they don't look like diaper bags! visit my blog to see what they are like!
Keep in mind I am new at this and will be adding more when they become available!
Thanks guys!

Build a bear

Phils mom and sister took Joslynn to build a bear for her birthday. I was thinking about going with but Abby has been struggling with Joslynn having a birthday and not her so I decided to stay home and Phil and I took Abby to the gas station and played some games. (This is where Abby beat me by 2.3 million dollars playing Life.) Abby just wasn't getting why Joslynns birthday would come before hers when she is the older one. I tried showing her a calendar and poiting out that Joslynns was at the very end of the year and hers was at the very beginning but no luck. Anyway Joslynn had a blast at build a bear. She named her bear Amy. Now some of you may not know that Joslynn has an invisible friend named Amy. When Randon was buying Christmas presents for all Abbys friends he offered to buy some from Jos too because they all play together. Jos said no she just had one friend to buy a present for. Amy. Abby explains it like this. "Mom don't worry, thats just her imagical friend." I say "You mean her imaginary friend?" Her answer "No mom her imagical, it means she is not real, duh."
ANYWAY to get to the point.....Her build a bear Amy is not to be confused with her imaginary friend Amy or you will be in trouble. Apparently they are completely different! SO here are the pics Phils sis took for me.

Meet Amy the frog...NOT AMY THE "PERSON"

Joslynn giving her a bath

Touching the heart to her nose (I thought she was picking it and was like oh lovely....thanks for getting a picture of that for me Stac.)

Jos helping stuff Amy.