Monday, February 15, 2010

Abby is 5!!!!

Today is Abbys 5th birthday. Wow is about all I have to say! She is such a joy and I am thankful everyday for her sweet spirit in my life. Her birthday started with Waffles this morning which Joslynn helped me make, then we went to go ice skating but it was SO packed we decided to go swimming instead. Me being the wonderful mother that I am left my camera in the car for the swimming part. Then it was off to Target for Abby to spend some of her birthday money. After that we had dinner at Applebee's. Abby was very sad that they didn't sing to her like they did when we went for Joslynns birthday. I was pretty mad too. She was wearing a birthday princess crown and a birthday girl badge and we even talked to the hostess about it. Anyway we left there having to do some major cheering up so we took her to Mcdonalds for ice cream. By this point Joslynn was pooped (we skipped nap today) and she fell asleep on the bench waiting for ice cream. We ended the night on a not so great note when I spent the rest of the night holding Abby's hair while she threw up. :( What a crappy way to end your birthday! Poor thing is pretty sick. I just hope she is able to get some sleep because her Grandma Despain is taking her to Build A Bear tomorrow.
Here are the pictures of the events of the day (except the puking part) Last night we had my family over to celebrate Abby's and my sisters little boy Alex's birthday. They were born on the same day but he turned 2. He had a pinata and they had a blast breaking it. (or trying to) Alex was so sad after though. He walked around with the mangled truck (pinata) saying it was broken. What a sweety.

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Heidi jo. said...

Gee, I have a cute butt. Ha ha. I can't believe my baby niece is 5 already! She's getting so big. I love her so much!