Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The girls vacation

The girls are on vacation with their dad right now. They went to Disneyland and then on Thurdsay they will be going to Arizona where his family is from. It is hard knowing that they are seeing the ocean for the first time and going to disneyland for the first time and I am not there to see it. But I hope they are having a blast and will tell me all about it when they get home. I am so greatful that Rand sent me these pictures on my phone! It came at a moment when I was feeling really down and missing them like crazy and it was so good to get the texts with the pictures. It cheered me up. They look like they are having so much fun! Abby loved collecting seashells at the beach and Jos didn't like getting her feet dirty. lol. I miss them so much but am glad they get to go have fun with their dad!


Dawn said...

I am also great full that Rand would share the pictures with us. You girls are so cute!

Brittney said...

I think that is so cute that he sent you pictures. Disneyland is a magical place, so that is great for them. Are they home yet??