Thursday, March 4, 2010

Mommys helper

Joslynn is my little helper. She makes her bed every morning and then comes in to Kick me out of bed so we can make mine. After dinner she is clearing plates and washing the table. This picture is of her washing the table after she has cleared everyones dishes. What a sweetheart! She follows me around asking can I help? Can I help? I love her company and she is so sweet! She talks my ear off, telling me about dreams she had or things she plans to do one day. Like go to disneyland with mommy and one day go ice skating ect. She asks questions nonstop. Question after question after question. And just when I think she can't ask anymore she says hey mom? and I say What Jos. and she replies I love you. It doesn't get any better. Below are some random pictures of my little Joslynn and the joy she brings us. Her smile is contagous!

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Dawn said...

Grandma LaRille would be proud! I know I am! Such a cutie!