Monday, May 10, 2010

Mothers Day!

Mothers Day was amazing! With some of our tax return Phil bought me a nice camera and we counted it as my mothers Day present. But of course I woke up to presents anyway. Little Stinker! Anyway he got me a photo album (PINK!) to put the pictures I take in and the movie Bride Wars. The girls made me several cards and Abby gave me a jelerey box with her picture on it that she made in preschool. I got to sleep in until ten and woke up to stuffed french toast! Yummy! Abby sang me her Mothers Day songs. She has been talking about it all week but she said I couldnt hear them till Mothers Day. I was spoiled all day. I must say one of the best parts was that Phil didn't make me change one diaper! Nothing is better than being a mother and I am the luckiest one out there!


Dawn said...

I love reading your blog! I wish I could write like you. Its in my head I just can't put it into words! I love the pictures!

Nate and Kristin said...

What a special Mother's Day! Not one diaper? I must say I'm a little jealous about that! You have such a cute family!