Sunday, July 25, 2010

Getting so big

I thought I could show some examples of how much Tristan has developed in the past month.
The other day I was writing with a marker and holding Tristan he reached out and grabbed it and we havent gotten it back since. Everytime we take it away he cries. We have tried to trade for toys but he is not having it. Don't worry I watch really closely so he doesn't poke his eye out!
He also has been smiling like crazy. He has his moods where you have to work hard to get one but other times you just talk to him and he smiles. My favorite is when he wakes up. He always greets me with a smile!

4 months old!

Tristan had his 4 month old checkup on Monday. He is 10lbs 10oz and 23in long. He is getting so big and really starting to develop a personality. He grabs things now and smiles all the time.

Tristan 4 months ago

Tristan now!!!!


The 24th was a really busy day but it was so fun! First we went with Phils family to a pond in Herriman. It is just big enough for khiaks and it has a sandy beach to play on. The girls had fun playing and they even went in the khiaks! The girls and I made a sand castle and I even capsized a khiak. After we were sunned out we went to my parents house for a BBQ and some fireworks. Here are pictures but they are not in order.

The girls and their aunt heidi doing sparlkers

Tristan loved the fireworks!

Phil playing football with the girls. They are actually really good!

Tristan with his Grandma Despain

Joslynn and Phil and Tristan. This was Tristans first time swimming!

The girls playing with Riley, Aunt Sherron and Uncle Jeff

Jos riding in the Khiak with grandma

Abs with Phil

Abby with Grandpa

Tristan playing in the water with daddy

School clothes shopping

I decided to take Abby on a little mommy daughter day for her school clothes shopping. First we went to lunch at Arbys. It seems to be her favorite place lately. Then off shopping we went! Most of her outfits that she picked out were Hannah Montana. Not surprising! We had a blast! It was some much needed one on one time together and it was fun to see how much she has grown up. She is such a little girlie girl! I wish I could have bought her everything she wanted but we got some really cute stuff and she is so excited for school. Me not so much!

Abbys first day of school Hannah Montana outfit

Me and Abs at Arbys

Monday, July 5, 2010

Random pictures

This is me trying to catch up. These pictures are not in any order what so ever!!!

Alex,Josh, Abby and Joslynn playing at Grandma Dawns

Abby modeling her new swim suit!

Jos modeling her new swim suit!

Me and my buddy

Tristan and his Aunt Stacie who had not seen him since he was 3 weeks old!

Hannah Dawn Nageli

Hannah Dawn Nageli was born June 30th and weighed 6pounds and 8ounces. She is my first niece!!!! We are so happy she is here! Congrats Jenny and Shawn!

Oh how he has grown!

Tristan at 2 months in his first newborn size outfit

Tristan in same outfit at 3 1/2 months!!!!

Blaze game

For Fathers Day we went to a blaze game with Phils parents. It was fun bit man they really suck! Tristan did great. He wouldn't watch the game though he kept his head up looking at the speakers above us the whole time!

Phils Birthday

On the 24th Phil turned 24. What an old fart!!! We went golfing and then to a movie. We took Tristan but ended up taking turns outside with him. We wont make that mistake again!

I'll show you Mommy!

This picture was taken not long after my last post! Guess that will teach me not to speak too soon.