Sunday, July 25, 2010


The 24th was a really busy day but it was so fun! First we went with Phils family to a pond in Herriman. It is just big enough for khiaks and it has a sandy beach to play on. The girls had fun playing and they even went in the khiaks! The girls and I made a sand castle and I even capsized a khiak. After we were sunned out we went to my parents house for a BBQ and some fireworks. Here are pictures but they are not in order.

The girls and their aunt heidi doing sparlkers

Tristan loved the fireworks!

Phil playing football with the girls. They are actually really good!

Tristan with his Grandma Despain

Joslynn and Phil and Tristan. This was Tristans first time swimming!

The girls playing with Riley, Aunt Sherron and Uncle Jeff

Jos riding in the Khiak with grandma

Abs with Phil

Abby with Grandpa

Tristan playing in the water with daddy

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Dawn said...

We were so happy to have at least one of our married kids with us for the 24th, watching your cute family helped me get through a hard day! Thanks for being there for me!