Sunday, July 25, 2010

Getting so big

I thought I could show some examples of how much Tristan has developed in the past month.
The other day I was writing with a marker and holding Tristan he reached out and grabbed it and we havent gotten it back since. Everytime we take it away he cries. We have tried to trade for toys but he is not having it. Don't worry I watch really closely so he doesn't poke his eye out!
He also has been smiling like crazy. He has his moods where you have to work hard to get one but other times you just talk to him and he smiles. My favorite is when he wakes up. He always greets me with a smile!


Brittney said...

Cute smiling boy!! I love that he is obsessed with a Sharpie, I love how kids always love ordinary stuff, like boxes!:) He is very handsome!

Dawn said...

I just want to squish him and it will be his fault for being so cute!

Justin and Toshi said...

WOW! He has grown so much...what a little cutie! Keep up the good work!

Shay said...

He is really growing up! I love it when they smile. It cracks me up that the marker is his favorite toy!