Sunday, August 29, 2010

Family Pictures

We took my camera today and did pictures with my family. The kids were all pretty cranky (except my nephew Josh who has to be THE best behaved kid in the world) and Tristan was SO tired he couldn't even hold his head up for the pictures. Hopefully we can take him again and get some better shots cause he really is a happy boy most of the time. Here they are!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

5 months old!

Tristan turned 5 months on the 20th. He is getting so big and we got to pull out the 3-6 month clothes last week!!!! Some of his 0-3 month still fit but are getting a little tight but it is so nice to have a whole new wardrobe to dress him in! :) He can almost hold up his head non stop now. He LOVES his fist and fingers, and everyone elses fingers, and my hair and Phils chest hair. He has not been to interested in many toys but there are 1 or 2 that he will play with for a few minutes. He rolls from his back to his side now and still HATES tummy time. He is drooling like crazy and he likes to bite us. We can't figure out if he is teething or not but he loves to chew on us. He has lost pretty much all of his hair except the very bottom above his neck. As it starts coming back in we have no clue what color it is going to be. It is looking blond but who knows! He giggles when he gets tickled (if he is in the mood) and it is the sweetest sound in the world! I LOVE it!!!! He can be crying and I will talk to him to calm him and he will smile at me while he is still crying. I love this little boy SO much and am so grateful for him! The girls love him too and he loves to be carried around by Abby even though it makes me VERY nervous. Happy 5 months buddy you're getting SO big!!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Silly happy boy

Tristan has the cutest personality. He is smiling more and starting to grab things alot more and he loves his fist! He can get that whole thing in there! Here are some recent pics!

He worked hard to get ahold of this and was so proud of himself when he did. (We helped a little)

This is how you will find him most of the time

Mommy daughter date

With Abby starting school I wanted to start doing something fun with the girls every once in awhile just us girls. My sister has a friend that is AMAZINGLY talented at doing manicures and pedicures and the girls have been very into that right now so I booked us a date! We had a blast and even though Jos found it hard to sit still for that long I think it was a success. The girls enjoyed picking out what they wanted and Jos picked out my nails and Abby picked out my toes. We had so much fun and I can't wait to spend more alone time with them I just have to figure out what to do. This will be hard to top!

My pink zebra nails courtesy of Jos and watermelon toes courtesy of Abs

Joslynns blue sparkle toes

Abbys lady bug toes

Joslynns nails

Abbys nails

Abbys first day of school. Not.

Ok here's the story. I missed Abbys registration and meet your teacher day because I was UN EXPECTANTLY having a baby. So we registered her late after things had calmed down. The lady at the office was out of pretty much everything paper wise and so she said just to wait until the teacher mailed me info. So I waited and waited and waited. And last Monday rolled around and I knew school would be starting VERY soon but I didn't know what day so I decided to call. Once again they were not full of information but she did tell me that school started the following Monday (the 23rd) Then Friday I got a letter from her teacher saying that parents were invited to attend the first day of school. How fun is that I thought. So Monday came and we treated it like it was her first day of school except Phil and I got to go with. Well it wasn't. It was more like an orientation. Her first day for real is the 30Th which is my birthday. Happy birthday to me. I will be an emotional wreck! Anyway here are some pictures and more will come when it is her first day for real.

Hair Cuts

Getting hair done is always a struggle at our house. Both of the girls have thin stringy hair on the bottom and it gets knotted REALLY easily. Well I should say they did.... Abby woke up on Monday (what we thought was her first day of school, I will explain more in my next post)
and asked if she could have a new hair cut for her new school. It was not the first time she had asked and I was really getting sick of fighting her over doing hair. SO I said yes. We got online and looked at some pictures and she picked the one she wanted. We did it right then and she LOVES it. I must say I do too and it is easy to do and guess what no snarls!!!!! YAY!!!! Anyway this morning Joslynn came to me and said she wanted her hair like Abbys. She said she wanted me to "cut out the snarls" like I did to Abby. This actually was very hard for me because Joslynns hair is alot thinner than Abbys and I am no professional. One semester of hair school was not enough for me to even consider myself skilled in anyway. So I thought it over and decided just to wing it. I was alot more nervous doing Joslynns because I didn't have a picture to look at but I must say it is ADORABLE!!! I was shocked at how much curl she actually has. She has always had more of just waves but not anymore! She loves it too and they have spent today fighting over whos is cutest.

Abbys new hair

both girls showing off the back

Both girls showing off the front


Sunday, August 1, 2010

Make up your mind kid!

Tristan can't decide if he wants to be a light sleeper or a heavy sleeper. Most of the time he is a light sleeper and he wakes up with every little noise or nudge. But every once in awhile he is impossible to wake up. Like when we are trying to wake him up so that he will sleep at night. Anyway in this picture he used to be on his side next to Phil but he jerked in his sleep and flopped right onto his tummy. Did this wake him up? No. But heaven forbid we try and lay him down if he falls asleep in our arms.


The other day Tristan was playing and the girls decided that they wanted to have a sleepover with him. So they got pillows and blankets and squished their way in. Yes Tristan is in there....somewhere. lol They are so silly. The silliest part was that this was in the middle of the day.

Not our most brilliant idea...

Phil and I have been wanting to go hiking for awhile now so last Sunday we looked online for an easy hike. It turned out there is one seriously down the street from us! We were so excited to check it out we packed Tristan right up and headed out to explore. Well we didn't think about it being the hottest time of the day plus it was a 100 degree day on top of that. We made it about a mile out of the 7 before we decided to turn around. Tristan was not looking so hot despite our attempts to cool him off by dumping our water bottles on his head. Anyway needless to say we were VERY happy to make it back to the car! But it was a beautiful hike and I for sure want to do it again this time at a cooler time!