Wednesday, August 25, 2010

5 months old!

Tristan turned 5 months on the 20th. He is getting so big and we got to pull out the 3-6 month clothes last week!!!! Some of his 0-3 month still fit but are getting a little tight but it is so nice to have a whole new wardrobe to dress him in! :) He can almost hold up his head non stop now. He LOVES his fist and fingers, and everyone elses fingers, and my hair and Phils chest hair. He has not been to interested in many toys but there are 1 or 2 that he will play with for a few minutes. He rolls from his back to his side now and still HATES tummy time. He is drooling like crazy and he likes to bite us. We can't figure out if he is teething or not but he loves to chew on us. He has lost pretty much all of his hair except the very bottom above his neck. As it starts coming back in we have no clue what color it is going to be. It is looking blond but who knows! He giggles when he gets tickled (if he is in the mood) and it is the sweetest sound in the world! I LOVE it!!!! He can be crying and I will talk to him to calm him and he will smile at me while he is still crying. I love this little boy SO much and am so grateful for him! The girls love him too and he loves to be carried around by Abby even though it makes me VERY nervous. Happy 5 months buddy you're getting SO big!!!


Dawn said...

When I think of how small he was five months ago. I can't believe he has gotten so big. I believe all our prayers are catching up in his cute fat cheeks! I love to kiss them!

Jenny said...

I love that boy, too! He is so fun!