Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Abbys first day of school. Not.

Ok here's the story. I missed Abbys registration and meet your teacher day because I was UN EXPECTANTLY having a baby. So we registered her late after things had calmed down. The lady at the office was out of pretty much everything paper wise and so she said just to wait until the teacher mailed me info. So I waited and waited and waited. And last Monday rolled around and I knew school would be starting VERY soon but I didn't know what day so I decided to call. Once again they were not full of information but she did tell me that school started the following Monday (the 23rd) Then Friday I got a letter from her teacher saying that parents were invited to attend the first day of school. How fun is that I thought. So Monday came and we treated it like it was her first day of school except Phil and I got to go with. Well it wasn't. It was more like an orientation. Her first day for real is the 30Th which is my birthday. Happy birthday to me. I will be an emotional wreck! Anyway here are some pictures and more will come when it is her first day for real.

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Dawn said...

may sure you take some tissues with you when you drop her off. I am sure there will be tears! So hard when our babies grow up!