Sunday, August 29, 2010

Family Pictures

We took my camera today and did pictures with my family. The kids were all pretty cranky (except my nephew Josh who has to be THE best behaved kid in the world) and Tristan was SO tired he couldn't even hold his head up for the pictures. Hopefully we can take him again and get some better shots cause he really is a happy boy most of the time. Here they are!!


Justin and Toshi said...

Beautiful pics Lynds - your family is adorable!

Shay said...

It always seems like I work so hard to plan family pictures and by the time everyone is ready my kids are done! Crazy! He still looks cute even though he can't hold his head up.

Nate and Kristin said...

How CUTE!!! You have such a cute family. I can't believe how big Tristan is getting! I think he is looking so much like his dad! So fun~