Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hair Cuts

Getting hair done is always a struggle at our house. Both of the girls have thin stringy hair on the bottom and it gets knotted REALLY easily. Well I should say they did.... Abby woke up on Monday (what we thought was her first day of school, I will explain more in my next post)
and asked if she could have a new hair cut for her new school. It was not the first time she had asked and I was really getting sick of fighting her over doing hair. SO I said yes. We got online and looked at some pictures and she picked the one she wanted. We did it right then and she LOVES it. I must say I do too and it is easy to do and guess what no snarls!!!!! YAY!!!! Anyway this morning Joslynn came to me and said she wanted her hair like Abbys. She said she wanted me to "cut out the snarls" like I did to Abby. This actually was very hard for me because Joslynns hair is alot thinner than Abbys and I am no professional. One semester of hair school was not enough for me to even consider myself skilled in anyway. So I thought it over and decided just to wing it. I was alot more nervous doing Joslynns because I didn't have a picture to look at but I must say it is ADORABLE!!! I was shocked at how much curl she actually has. She has always had more of just waves but not anymore! She loves it too and they have spent today fighting over whos is cutest.

Abbys new hair

both girls showing off the back

Both girls showing off the front



Dawn said...

I love the girls hair cuts! I love the way you do my hair! So very talented!

Shay said...

Their hair looks great. Good job! I don't think I will dare cute Aleah's hair when she gets older.