Friday, September 10, 2010

Idaho trip

We went to see Phils sister in Idaho last weekend. It was fun and Tristan did GREAT!!! He was happy most of the car ride and I got some cute pics of the first day before my camera died. Of course right? Anyway here they are

Car ride

Swimming in the hotel pool with daddy

He looks like such a chunk in this picture!

He is just like his daddy and loves to look at himself in the mirror

Farmers market by Stacie and Jeffs house

Forgive me while I take a moment to pat myself on the back...

So I have been very discouraged lately because I am nowhere close to my goal weight or goal pants size. It seems to be all I think about lately and I have been busting my butt trying to lose weight but It seems to be coming off so slowly. Anyway today was a particularly bad day and I spent a good deal of the morning feeling sorry for myself when suddenly I realised that even though I am nowhere near where I want to be, at this very moment I weigh less than I have since before I had Abby. SO....even though I have a LONG way to go I think I can be proud of the fact that this is the closest I have been to where I want to be in over 5 years! Forgive me for bragging but this is kind of my way of trying to see things positively. Here's hoping this attitude sticks for more than one day! As I was searching for a before picture I found that I did a very good job of staying out of pictures (for good reason!!!) Anyway this is really the only one I have.
5 months ago....


Hopefully soon I will be posting one of me at my goal weight!!!

Abbys REAL first day of school

We survived! Abbys first day was very eventful. It started with a very excited little girl and then turned into me pulling a sobbing little girl off my leg and leaving her crying in her seat. That of course was followed closely by a tearful car ride home on my end. BUT we survived and Abby now LOVES school! I miss her when she is gone but it is so fun to hear about what she is learning.