Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Joslynns 5!

Joslynn turned 5 today. Its hard for me to believe but at the same time she is SO tall she looks way older than even 5. I still can't get over how fast they grow up! Phil took the day off (besides a meeting he had to go to at 2) and we started out with breakfast at McDonalds. Then we went to Nickle Cade which was a BLAST! Even Mommy Daddy and Tristan had fun!

We are so lucky to have this spunky girl in our lives!

Then Phil had a work meeting so we stopped and got Sonic Blasts for lunch and came home to put Tristan down for a nap while phil went to his meeting. After that we met all of our family at Applebees (Upon Joslynns request! Thanks all for coming on such short notice she loved every second!)

Grandma and Grandpa Despain

Papa Jim Mammah Dawn and Aunt Jenny

Hannah Uncle Shawn and Alex

Aunt Heidi and the Birthday Girl herself!



Joshy Uncle Mikey Jackson and Aunt Manda

Then it was back to Grandmas for presents cake and ice cream!

Special thanks to my dad whos birthday is the day after Joslynns for sharing her party and letting her have her Strawberry Shortcake cake! What a good grandpa!



Christmas this year was a blast. A big CRAZY blast. We had the girls this year which was exciting because Tristan actually knew what was going on this year. We ALL got spoiled rotten!

The girls



Tristan actually opened a few of his presents....But then.....

He decided it was funner to sit on them than actually open them. Silly boy!

The girls in their new Christmasy church outfits.

Church was at 9 for us so we decided in order to not feel rushed we would wake the kids up at 6. Boy was it a LONG day!

Tristan crashed the second we got home from church. LOVE that cute butt!

Hope everyone had a GREAT Christmas! Love you all!

Monday, December 5, 2011


I LOVE traditions. Since the girls don't have a lot of stability around the holidays with switching off between me and their Dad I wanted to start some fun traditions that they could count on every year. So we started the tradition of letting the kids pick a new ornament every year to put on the tree. I love it because it helps me remember what they were into the years before. Then when they get married they can take them with to put on their tree. We also started the tradition of letting them pick the wrapping paper that their gifts are wrapped in each year. They really seem to enjoy picking it out every year and it makes it fun on Christmas morning. They know exactly whose presents are whose.

Abby picked a Glee ornament and Justin Bieber wrapping paper. (apparently she thinks he's cute)
Joslynn picked a Dora ornament and Tinker Bell wrapping paper. (She has loved Tinker Bell since she was little)
Tristan picked a thomas (Choo choo) ornament and Buzz wrapping paper (His 2 obsessions this year)

Decorating the tree

The kids LOVED decorating the tree this year. Tristan enjoyed it the most though. He loved putting the ornaments on and then running over to me to get another one. Then he would take them off and move it. We had so much fun. I love how the kids are getting old enough to enjoy fun traditions.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

North Pole breakfast

Most of you have probably heard of Elf on the shelf. For those of you who havent it is an elf that sits on the shelf and every night goes to tell santa if the kids were good that day. Well years ago when Abby was a sunbeam her primary president gave us a little elf to sit on the shelf. I don't know how the new elf on the shelf works but with our elf every night she goes and tells santa if they were good and then the next morning she is in a different place. The kids love waking up and finding where she is watching them from that day. On Pinterest I found a lady who had made a north pole breakfast to introduce the elf on the shelf to her kids. Even though our kids know our elf and have for years I decided it would be fun to do kind of the same thing. I had planned it for after Thanksgiving but the girls have been...well lets just say it flat out naughty lately so we decided elf would come early this year. I went to the dollar store and got a cute table cloth, some decorations and some cute hot chocolate mugs along with some warm socks (from Roudolph to keep their toes warm while eating their north pole breakfast :)) Anyway Elf brought snow covered dounuts (Powdered) and hot chocolate to go in their mugs. Santa also wrote them a little note reminding them to be good. They had a ton of fun with it but I think Abby may be getting too old. :( I can't pull things over on her as well anymore. She notices everything like the way Santas marker was running out the same way ours does...Anyway we had fun and they have been little angels ever since.

Thursday, November 10, 2011


Halloween was so much fun this year! Trick or treating was by far my favorite part. Before we left we made sure to remind the girls to say thank you. Abby was shy and would politely and quietly say thank you at each house. Joslynn was well...Joslynn. She is such a sweety and would say thank you as loudly as she could followed by HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! If the person giving out candy did not acknowledge that she had said it she would keep repeating it loudly until they did. Tristan was SO fun this year! He caught on quite quickly and actually learned to say Trick or treat while we were out. He would go up and grab a handful of candy. We would say no no just take one and they would say oh he can have as much as he wants! He would stand there waving bye bye and blowing kisses until we dragged him away. If we were taking too long talking to neighbors inbetween houses he would grab our hand and pull us along. Such cute kids!!!

Joslynn was Tinkerbell

Abby was a scary vampire

Tristan was a bum

Such a cute bum too!

Our cute kids!

Cutest tinkerbell around!

Such a cute scary vampire

Hope everyone had a great Hallowen! We are so excited for Thanksgiving and then CHRISTMAS!!! HOORAY!!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

It's a.....


And he was NOT shy! :)

Monday, September 26, 2011

The "official" announcement!

So here it is the "official" announcement!

I'm pregnant!!!! We are due on April 1st :)

This Little one has given us a run for our money but is a true fighter! After 10 weeks of on and off bleeding we were in the clear. This one stuck! We were SO EXCITED! after everything we have been through we are so blessed to still have this little one holding on! But Saturday at 13 weeks I started bleeding pretty heavily. We went to the ER and they found that the placenta had started to detach from the uterin wall. It can heal with strict bedrest and no lifting but it can also continue to pull away. If it were to become completely detached it is life threatening to not only the baby but to me as well. I will have an ultra sound weekly to make sure it is healing and not getting worse, until it heals I am on bedrest. We appreciate all the prayers we can get and are so thankful for our friends and family and all of their support!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

My 1st grader

Abby started 1st grade on the 22nd. I thought she would love it like she did Kindergarten but NOPE!!! NOT AT ALL! She HATES it! We had to start a happy chart because I couldn't handle the kicking and screaming every morning. I couldnt handle leaving her crying at school or the nights crying when she realised she has to go to school when she wakes up. I am hoping it gets better. She really did LOVE Kindergarten. :(

Friday, June 17, 2011

MY first car!

After over 7 years of being carless I officially have my very first car! Phil bought this for me and then surprised me by bringing it home without me knowing! I am so excited and I LOVE it!!!!
Thanks babe! You get the best husband ever award!

Abbys kindergarten graduation

Abby and her teacher Mrs. Miller

Our family :)

Abby with Me and Daddy Phil

Abby with her daddy Randy

Abby getting congratulated by her sis and BFF

Our little graduate!

Abby after getting her diploma

Abby getting her hat

We are so proud of our little straight A girl! (Technically she got straight 4s)