Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Friend party from dad

Randon had a friend party for Abby at Classic skating and was nice enough to let Phil, Tristan and I come. Abby has a few friends at school when she is at my house but given our neighborhood I just haven't met anyone I trust enough to let her play at their house. Hopefully we can buy a house in a nice neighborhood one day and she can have lots of friends to play with. Anyway I offered to do the gift bags and cake. She wanted another Barbie one and I was determined for this one to work better than her last. I followed all the directions. I spent all morning Saturday before the party decorating it carefully and it turned out great! I was so happy. happiness was short lived as we drove the half hour to the party. Slowly as I held the cake the back caved in little by little until it collapsed completely. I rode the rest of the way to the party holding it in my hands and crying. Phil said it was the first time he had seen a woman cry over a cake but I was devestated! I had spent all morning trying to make it perfect for Abby and here it was a crumbled mess of cake and frosting in my hands! Despite Phils prodding that the kids wouldn't care and that we could just put the back crumbled half against a wall I begged him to let us go buy a cake. I wanted so badly for her party to be perfect and being the wonderful man he is he could see how much it meant to me and off we went to find a store. We found a Harmons not too far away and though we were a little late to the party it all turned out ok. Here are some pictures of the party the kids had a blast and it was great seeing Abby with her friends
I took over 100 pictures!


Erin said...

That is SO sad. I would have been really upset too, after all that hard work. It looked really great, I am glad that you took pictures of it beforehand, to prove how good you did!
Oh, and Tristan is so cute....and looks like a little trouble maker!!!

Shay said...

I'm sorry the cake crumbled! That is so sad. I would have cried too. But it did look beautiful!