Monday, March 14, 2011

Tristan is 1!

Tristan is 1! Wow! I swear with each kid it goes faster and faster. My cousin wrote her sons birth story on her blog and I thought what a great idea! (Thanks Bre! Hope you don't mind me copying you..) I realized I haven't really written Tristans down. So here it is, the LONG story of our surprise arrival!

Taken 2 days before my water broke

Thursday March 18th 8:00AM I woke up needing to go to the bathroom REALLY bad! (Nothing new) Phil had already left for work and Randon had taken the girls a day early. I walked across my bedroom and felt a HUGE rush of water down my legs. I stopped and looked down shocked! I knew right away my water had broken. There was no mistaking it! As I stood there in a puddle that kept getting bigger I grabbed my phone and called phil. He answered surprisingly but I was so glad! (He usually is with a client and can't answer) I told him my water had broken and he asked if I was sure. I said yes still looking down at the puddle and feeling the water running down my legs. He asked if I called the doctor and I said no I called you! He told me he was coming home and to call the doctor. I called the doctor and talked to his nurse who happened to be standing right next to my doctor. I could hear him ask her questions like how far along I was ect. I told them I was 32wks and 5 days. He told me to go to IMC hospital right away and apologized that he couldn't be the one to deliver my baby and wished me luck. That was when it really hit me. My baby was coming. I ran to the towel closet and grabbed some towels. I stood on the towels and ran to grab things we would need in between gushes.(Needless to say I left ALOT pants for Phil. haha)

Anyway once we got to the hospital they told me that my water had broken... (DUH) but my cervix was still closed. They then told me that they wanted to wait to deliver Tristan until I was 34 weeks and put me on strict bedrest in the hospital. Trying to make a very long story short Friday night (the 19th) I started to have contractions here and there that turned into major stomach pain. They took me to delivery for observation and Saturday morning (the 20th) they told me they were worried I had an infection and started me on pitocin. I got an epidural soon after and 6 hours later I was complete. They moved me into the OR just in case I needed an emergency C-section. Tristan came after only one contraction of pushing and was handed to a nurse through a window. After they had cleaned me up and taken me back to my room a nurse took Phil to go see Tristan and I was told I could go in a couple hours. Those hours were torture! 5 hours later I was wheeled down to see my sweet little baby. It was a short visit but it felt so good to be able to see him and stick my hand through the little hole and touch him. That night I couldn't sleep and snuck down to see him again. They had put him on oxygen and I spent a few hours with him before the nurse all but kicked me out. Something about rest and just having a baby. lol. Anyway... The next 13 days were hard and we had our ups and downs. But we got to take him home sooner than we thought we would. I wish I had kept a journal of his milestones in the NICU but I didn't. :( But here are some milestones that I can remember.

Day 1: Touch him for the first time.

Day 2:Phil and I held him for the first time.

Day 3: I did kangaroo care for the first time and got to spend hours holding him while he slept on my chest. Kangaroo care is where he would lay skin to skin on us. My temp would rise to keep his temp up since I was the mom. Phil could do it too but for not as long.

Day 4: First swaddle bath

Day 7: I nursed him for the first time.

Day8: First outfit

Day10: He was moved out of the incubator into a big boy bed.

Day 11: He pulled out his feeding tube and they left it out. He kept his stats up during the car seat test.

Day 12: He nursed every meal. Temp dropped but after kangaroo care we got it back up.

Day 13: At rounds they told us we could take him home!

Day 15: Met his sisters for the first time

Sorry this was so long but we are so happy to have this sweet boy in our family. We love him SO much! He is such a happy boy and a complete joy to have around!

Happy Birthday buddy!

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Tyler, BreAnne, and Luke said...

How amazing! What a cutie. I never knew the whole story. I got texts here and there that your water broke and stuff while I was in the special care nursery with Luke, but I never heard that much of what happened.