Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tristans stats

We took Tristan to the Dr. for his 1 year check up. We were a little late since he is actually 13 months now but oh well! So at 13 months he weighs 20lbs and is 29 or 29 1/2 in long. (I can't remember!) He is in th 5 percentile for weight and 7 percentile for height on normal charts! YAY! He is getting so big! He LOVES his big boy car seat but doesn't like sitting in the cart at stores very long. Phil usually ends up holding him because even when he is buckeled in he still finds a way to stand up! He can walk but won't. I see him walk from object to object when he is alone but when we try to get him to walk to us he either lifts his legs up when we try and make him stand up or he will just sit down and crawl. He HATES grass and is deathly afraid of it. He stands on the corner of the cement looking at it and crying. Heaven forbid you help him step onto it! He absolutely LOVES his sisters. He plays with them all the time and they are always good to include him. He gives BIG wet kisses and once he starts you have to pry him off your face! He says dada (ALOT) hi (and can wave) kitty, pretty, and juice. He trys to say Abby and Jos but hasn't quite got there yet. He has said mama in the past but now when I try and get him to say it he says dada to spite me! He LOVES his Dad. He gets upset if Phil doesn't say hi to him right when he walks in the door. He follows Phil around the house and loves to be chased up the stairs. He can now go up and down them pretty well. He is such a happy boy! He sings his jibberish in the car as long as I am singing too but the second I stop so does he. He is so cute and we just love him more and more everyday!

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