Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My Abby

I thought we were doing a good job of hiding what has been going on over this past year from the kids. Abby especially. She is so kind hearted and cries everytime she watches toy story 3. When the bear is mean to the baby she bawls and hugs Tristan saying I wont let anyone be mean to you! It hits you in the chest and is one of those moments where I am proud to be a Mom. Ever since we had Tristan the girls have been asking for another brother. Not another sister, another brother because it wouldn't be fair to have another sister. Then Tristan would be the only brother and thats not fair. (Abbys words) Anyway this morning Abby was getting dressed for school. Joslynn had followed her into her room and was playing with a doll. I was getting their hair stuff out in the bathroom close by to do their hair. Their conversation had me completely still listening closely. Joslynn said to Abby "Abby I want another brother. Do you want a brother or a sister?" Abby was quiet for a second but when she answered she was completely serious. "Jos lets talk, come sit by me." There was a rustle (I asume she went and sat by her) and Abby continued. "Jos, lets not ask mommy for another brother ok?" Joslynn asked right away, "Why Abby? Do you want a sister?" Abby was still very serious and her next words had my knees giving out and me plopping on the bathroom floor. "I want another brother Jos, but right now Mommy is sad. Her babies keep dying in her tummy and it makes her cry. I don't want Mommy to cry anymore Jos. So lets not ask her for a brother ok?" I thought we had been hiding things very well from Abby. But I guess I keep forgetting how smart she is. I thought we were protecting her from the heartache we have been going through but in the end she is the one trying to protect me. Just another one of those moments when you are beyond proud to be called mommy.

Tristan is officially walking! FINALLY!

Tristan is now full out walking! He has been teasing us for quite some time, taking steps here and ther but always ending up crawling in the end. But now he is a walking machine. He knows how big he is to becuase he will start crawling and I will say Walk Tristan and he will get up and start walking and be laughing and smiling the whole time. It is so cute. I was afraid he would get into more stuff with him being able to walk (If that were possible! This kid is into EVERYTHING!) But it hasn't been too bad. Abby is very pretective of him and would walk around with her hands out catching him everytime he fell. I told her to let him be. Falling was part of him learning to walk. She looked at me like I was a horrible person and said you just want me to let him fall? I said yeah we let you fall when you were learning to walk. She got this horrified look on her face and walked away. lol

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

It's a....


4 bedroom 2 bath split entry in Clinton Ut. Only 10 minutes from Phils work and 42 minutes from family. The girls bedrooms are down stairs along with a laundry room and family room their own bathroom and another unfinished bedroom. Upstairs there is the living room, kitchen, another bathroom, Phil and I's room and Tristans room. We are SO excited and even though we have only been here since Saturday we absolutely love it and living in a neighborhood! We are going to get fat with all of the goodies the neighbors are bringing us. The streets are swarming with kids for the girls to play with and we were met by the several men from our new ward to help us move in. All of these are firsts for us!

The house didn't need a ton of work but we did spend the weekend pulling down wall paper in the girl's rooms and painting to make it our own. I am exhausted from that and unpacking but it has been so fun to decorate and the girls LOVE having a backyard and their own rooms. So here are the pics!

Tristans room

The girls bathroom downstairs

Phil and I's room

The upstairs bathrooom

Joslynns TinkerBell room

Living room/kitchen area

Living room

Living room




Family room

The backyard

Abbys Hannah Montana room

Our house!

The pictures are not the best so I guess you all will have to just come see it in person! :)

Special thanks to our families who spent hours upon hours helping us pull wall paper and paint the girls rooms so they would be ready for them. Plus all of the other hours spent helping paint the upstairs and all of our other projects to get it ready to move in. Then actually giving up your Saturday to help us move and then do some unpacking! We are so lucky to have you all and we couldn't have done it without you! WE LOVE YOU!