Tuesday, May 17, 2011

It's a....


4 bedroom 2 bath split entry in Clinton Ut. Only 10 minutes from Phils work and 42 minutes from family. The girls bedrooms are down stairs along with a laundry room and family room their own bathroom and another unfinished bedroom. Upstairs there is the living room, kitchen, another bathroom, Phil and I's room and Tristans room. We are SO excited and even though we have only been here since Saturday we absolutely love it and living in a neighborhood! We are going to get fat with all of the goodies the neighbors are bringing us. The streets are swarming with kids for the girls to play with and we were met by the several men from our new ward to help us move in. All of these are firsts for us!

The house didn't need a ton of work but we did spend the weekend pulling down wall paper in the girl's rooms and painting to make it our own. I am exhausted from that and unpacking but it has been so fun to decorate and the girls LOVE having a backyard and their own rooms. So here are the pics!

Tristans room

The girls bathroom downstairs

Phil and I's room

The upstairs bathrooom

Joslynns TinkerBell room

Living room/kitchen area

Living room

Living room




Family room

The backyard

Abbys Hannah Montana room

Our house!

The pictures are not the best so I guess you all will have to just come see it in person! :)

Special thanks to our families who spent hours upon hours helping us pull wall paper and paint the girls rooms so they would be ready for them. Plus all of the other hours spent helping paint the upstairs and all of our other projects to get it ready to move in. Then actually giving up your Saturday to help us move and then do some unpacking! We are so lucky to have you all and we couldn't have done it without you! WE LOVE YOU!


Erin said...

Congrats! It looks beautiful!!!

chris said...

You're a fast unpacker. Wow!! Oh my goodness, it looks so cute. So happy for you!

Anonymous said...

so exciting! congrats! The rooms are so cute!

Dawn said...

I want to come up every day! ;)

Tyler, BreAnne, and Luke said...

so cute! Congratulations!

kittengo amos said...

so amazing .congs...really good looking