Monday, September 26, 2011

The "official" announcement!

So here it is the "official" announcement!

I'm pregnant!!!! We are due on April 1st :)

This Little one has given us a run for our money but is a true fighter! After 10 weeks of on and off bleeding we were in the clear. This one stuck! We were SO EXCITED! after everything we have been through we are so blessed to still have this little one holding on! But Saturday at 13 weeks I started bleeding pretty heavily. We went to the ER and they found that the placenta had started to detach from the uterin wall. It can heal with strict bedrest and no lifting but it can also continue to pull away. If it were to become completely detached it is life threatening to not only the baby but to me as well. I will have an ultra sound weekly to make sure it is healing and not getting worse, until it heals I am on bedrest. We appreciate all the prayers we can get and are so thankful for our friends and family and all of their support!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

My 1st grader

Abby started 1st grade on the 22nd. I thought she would love it like she did Kindergarten but NOPE!!! NOT AT ALL! She HATES it! We had to start a happy chart because I couldn't handle the kicking and screaming every morning. I couldnt handle leaving her crying at school or the nights crying when she realised she has to go to school when she wakes up. I am hoping it gets better. She really did LOVE Kindergarten. :(