Thursday, September 1, 2011

My 1st grader

Abby started 1st grade on the 22nd. I thought she would love it like she did Kindergarten but NOPE!!! NOT AT ALL! She HATES it! We had to start a happy chart because I couldn't handle the kicking and screaming every morning. I couldnt handle leaving her crying at school or the nights crying when she realised she has to go to school when she wakes up. I am hoping it gets better. She really did LOVE Kindergarten. :(


Shay said...

I'm sure that's hard. I'm dealing with that on Sundays when I take Cade to nursery. I hope your happy chart works.

Justin and Toshi said...

Oh no that is horrible! I REALLY hope it gets better SOON! You are in our prayers...good luck with everything!