Thursday, November 10, 2011


Halloween was so much fun this year! Trick or treating was by far my favorite part. Before we left we made sure to remind the girls to say thank you. Abby was shy and would politely and quietly say thank you at each house. Joslynn was well...Joslynn. She is such a sweety and would say thank you as loudly as she could followed by HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! If the person giving out candy did not acknowledge that she had said it she would keep repeating it loudly until they did. Tristan was SO fun this year! He caught on quite quickly and actually learned to say Trick or treat while we were out. He would go up and grab a handful of candy. We would say no no just take one and they would say oh he can have as much as he wants! He would stand there waving bye bye and blowing kisses until we dragged him away. If we were taking too long talking to neighbors inbetween houses he would grab our hand and pull us along. Such cute kids!!!

Joslynn was Tinkerbell

Abby was a scary vampire

Tristan was a bum

Such a cute bum too!

Our cute kids!

Cutest tinkerbell around!

Such a cute scary vampire

Hope everyone had a great Hallowen! We are so excited for Thanksgiving and then CHRISTMAS!!! HOORAY!!!


Brittney said...

So fun, I love the bum costume! Congrats on your baby BOY, have you picked a name yet???

Amanda said...

i thought u were on bed rest?

Lyndsie said...

brit No names yet...we were set with girl names but we will probably end up waiting till he's born.
Amanda I was but the placenta has started to heal. It has healed on the end and though there is still a pocket not connected to the uterine wall since the edge is connected now they took me off bed rest and moved me to light duty.

Dawn said...

Had so much fun with the kids this year!

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