Wednesday, November 16, 2011

North Pole breakfast

Most of you have probably heard of Elf on the shelf. For those of you who havent it is an elf that sits on the shelf and every night goes to tell santa if the kids were good that day. Well years ago when Abby was a sunbeam her primary president gave us a little elf to sit on the shelf. I don't know how the new elf on the shelf works but with our elf every night she goes and tells santa if they were good and then the next morning she is in a different place. The kids love waking up and finding where she is watching them from that day. On Pinterest I found a lady who had made a north pole breakfast to introduce the elf on the shelf to her kids. Even though our kids know our elf and have for years I decided it would be fun to do kind of the same thing. I had planned it for after Thanksgiving but the girls have been...well lets just say it flat out naughty lately so we decided elf would come early this year. I went to the dollar store and got a cute table cloth, some decorations and some cute hot chocolate mugs along with some warm socks (from Roudolph to keep their toes warm while eating their north pole breakfast :)) Anyway Elf brought snow covered dounuts (Powdered) and hot chocolate to go in their mugs. Santa also wrote them a little note reminding them to be good. They had a ton of fun with it but I think Abby may be getting too old. :( I can't pull things over on her as well anymore. She notices everything like the way Santas marker was running out the same way ours does...Anyway we had fun and they have been little angels ever since.


Dawn said...

I love your elf! I wished we would have had him when all of you kids were little! As the years move on I can't remember you all being very naughty. Although I am sure you had your days the good out weigh the bad! I am so glad you married Phil and I just love your little kids!

Erin said...

Fun! I can't wait to start fun traditions like that when Blake is older!

Amanda said...

What a great idea! I'd never heard of Elf on the shelf until now, but I think it's wonderful!

I can't wait to start traditions like this with my children someday too :)

P.S. Don't you just love pinterest?!