Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Joslynns 5!

Joslynn turned 5 today. Its hard for me to believe but at the same time she is SO tall she looks way older than even 5. I still can't get over how fast they grow up! Phil took the day off (besides a meeting he had to go to at 2) and we started out with breakfast at McDonalds. Then we went to Nickle Cade which was a BLAST! Even Mommy Daddy and Tristan had fun!

We are so lucky to have this spunky girl in our lives!

Then Phil had a work meeting so we stopped and got Sonic Blasts for lunch and came home to put Tristan down for a nap while phil went to his meeting. After that we met all of our family at Applebees (Upon Joslynns request! Thanks all for coming on such short notice she loved every second!)

Grandma and Grandpa Despain

Papa Jim Mammah Dawn and Aunt Jenny

Hannah Uncle Shawn and Alex

Aunt Heidi and the Birthday Girl herself!



Joshy Uncle Mikey Jackson and Aunt Manda

Then it was back to Grandmas for presents cake and ice cream!

Special thanks to my dad whos birthday is the day after Joslynns for sharing her party and letting her have her Strawberry Shortcake cake! What a good grandpa!



Christmas this year was a blast. A big CRAZY blast. We had the girls this year which was exciting because Tristan actually knew what was going on this year. We ALL got spoiled rotten!

The girls



Tristan actually opened a few of his presents....But then.....

He decided it was funner to sit on them than actually open them. Silly boy!

The girls in their new Christmasy church outfits.

Church was at 9 for us so we decided in order to not feel rushed we would wake the kids up at 6. Boy was it a LONG day!

Tristan crashed the second we got home from church. LOVE that cute butt!

Hope everyone had a GREAT Christmas! Love you all!

Monday, December 5, 2011


I LOVE traditions. Since the girls don't have a lot of stability around the holidays with switching off between me and their Dad I wanted to start some fun traditions that they could count on every year. So we started the tradition of letting the kids pick a new ornament every year to put on the tree. I love it because it helps me remember what they were into the years before. Then when they get married they can take them with to put on their tree. We also started the tradition of letting them pick the wrapping paper that their gifts are wrapped in each year. They really seem to enjoy picking it out every year and it makes it fun on Christmas morning. They know exactly whose presents are whose.

Abby picked a Glee ornament and Justin Bieber wrapping paper. (apparently she thinks he's cute)
Joslynn picked a Dora ornament and Tinker Bell wrapping paper. (She has loved Tinker Bell since she was little)
Tristan picked a thomas (Choo choo) ornament and Buzz wrapping paper (His 2 obsessions this year)

Decorating the tree

The kids LOVED decorating the tree this year. Tristan enjoyed it the most though. He loved putting the ornaments on and then running over to me to get another one. Then he would take them off and move it. We had so much fun. I love how the kids are getting old enough to enjoy fun traditions.