Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Christmas this year was a blast. A big CRAZY blast. We had the girls this year which was exciting because Tristan actually knew what was going on this year. We ALL got spoiled rotten!

The girls



Tristan actually opened a few of his presents....But then.....

He decided it was funner to sit on them than actually open them. Silly boy!

The girls in their new Christmasy church outfits.

Church was at 9 for us so we decided in order to not feel rushed we would wake the kids up at 6. Boy was it a LONG day!

Tristan crashed the second we got home from church. LOVE that cute butt!

Hope everyone had a GREAT Christmas! Love you all!


Dawn said...

What a cute family you have! You are so very blessed! I believe they got your cute silliness! I didn't know Phil as a child but I am sure he put some cute silliness in also! Btw thanks for a great Christmas we had so much fun coming up to see everything Santa got for you both before and the day of Christmas! :)

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