Monday, December 5, 2011


I LOVE traditions. Since the girls don't have a lot of stability around the holidays with switching off between me and their Dad I wanted to start some fun traditions that they could count on every year. So we started the tradition of letting the kids pick a new ornament every year to put on the tree. I love it because it helps me remember what they were into the years before. Then when they get married they can take them with to put on their tree. We also started the tradition of letting them pick the wrapping paper that their gifts are wrapped in each year. They really seem to enjoy picking it out every year and it makes it fun on Christmas morning. They know exactly whose presents are whose.

Abby picked a Glee ornament and Justin Bieber wrapping paper. (apparently she thinks he's cute)
Joslynn picked a Dora ornament and Tinker Bell wrapping paper. (She has loved Tinker Bell since she was little)
Tristan picked a thomas (Choo choo) ornament and Buzz wrapping paper (His 2 obsessions this year)


Justin and Toshi said...

Such FUN traditions...I just might have to steal some of your ideas!!

Dawn said...

What a great Mom! You are so creative! Love those traditions!

Shay said...

That is so cute! I love those traditions! I might have to steal them from you. I love that when they get married they get to take the ornaments with them. Great idea since most people don't have any their first year of marriage.

Nate and Kristin said...

What fun traditions! I have been trying to decide what to do with our family too. I remember doing the ornament thing with my grandparents every year growing up. We looked forward to it every year and it's fun to have them all now!

Amanda said...

Great ideas! What fun traditions! I'm sure the kids will love them and even as teenagers still enjoy choosing their wrapping paper and ornament :)

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