Thursday, February 9, 2012

Ryder James Despain

I'll start with the good pictures of him breathing on his own :)

OK you all probably know Ryder decided to come early like his brother. The birth story is a good one and I have had many requests to get it on here but just haven't had the time so here it is....
On Wednesday Feb. 1st Phil headed off to work in Salt Lake around 9PM as he does every Wednesday night. All that day I had felt horrible and decided to just take a shower and go to bed. As I showered I felt a little better and decided to quickly shave my legs. As I shaved I felt a little splash and thought holy crap I just peed! I hurry and finished and got out but as I dried off I noticed there was a steady stream of fluid. I stuck my towel between my legs and brushed through my hair. I looked at the towel and saw that it was pretty wet. I knew then that it was my water leaking and pretty badly. So I called the Dr. I pretty much knew what was going to happen from there because the same think had happened with Tristan except my water broke at 32 wks 5 days with him and he was delivered at 33wks. I was only 31wks 3days. So the Dr. confirmed that I needed to head to IMC hospital right away. So I called Phil and we decided since he was already in Salt Lake he would meet me there with his mom and she would take the kids to her house. So I got the kids up. I threw clothes in bags and grabbed what I could. I picked up Tristan to put him in the car after loading it and felt a masive gush between my legs. It filled my boots and everything and I knew that it was water had just broke. I got in the car and of course found it on empty. The 45 min to an hour drive to the hospital would make it impossible to keep it that way so I headed to the gas station. I filled my tank and shivered as the wind blew on my sopping wet legs. I got so many strange looks. I think it was pretty obvious what had happened but these people seemed to think I was crazy. Anyway To make this long story shorter it was confirmed that yes my water had grossly ruptured meaning there was hardly any left just a pocket here or there. through a visual examination it was determined I was probably dialated to a 1. I was put on bedrest in the hospital in hopes that I could make it to 34 weeks. I was pumped full of antibiotics and steroids to fight off an impending infection and to help the babys lungs develop. Bedrest was as it was with Tristan pretty much just waiting to see what happened. Then on Sunday the 5th at 32 wks exactly I woke up about 4AM with a few contractions. They got pretty bad and close together and I was moved down to Labor and delivery. They were every 2 1/2 min. apart and so intense I had to ask for some pain med. in my IV. They refused to check me because it introduced more bacteria into the uterus and they didn't want to risk it. After some IV fluids and pain meds my contractions tapered off. They got down to only 3 an hour and then completely stopped. It was determined it was false labor and I was sent back upstairs to recovery around 3 or 4. But something still wasnt right. I was having contractions but they were random. Completely random. They monitered me and found some 40 min. apart and others 7 min. But the ones I had were so painful. It got to the point where the pain in my back was unbearable. They told me I was constipated and so I took a hot shower. By the time I got out I could barely stand. Phil helped me throw a shirt and some panties on and I threw myself into bed not even able to brush my hair. I bit my towel and called the nurse again. I begged her to do something about this horrible back pain I was having. She felt my uterus and said it wasnt contracting or hard and that it had to just be constipation and got me a laxative and the monitors. They fiddled with them trying to get them to work but they wouldnt. by this time there were 3 nurses in with me and I was begging for any type of pain relief. I cried and screamed and told them to make it stop. I begged and pleaded with Phil to please make it go away. I was one of those women on A Baby Story that I always made fun of because they couldnt handle the pain. But I really couldn't. The Dr. arrived shortly after they brought the monitors in. She said not to worry about monitoring and that she wanted to check me. She checked and said "Shes complete. Were going to take you down to have a baby now." I looked at her and whined "You mean I don't get my epideral?" She laughed and told me she would have him meet us in the OR as long as I promised to take deep breaths and not push. I was wheeled out on my bed and she updated people and let them know we were coming and to have NICU ready. She grabbed a pair of gloves as we walked into the elevator. We got off and I felt the most extreme monsterous contraction of them all. I gasped in pain and I think she knew I couldnt stop it. She threw my blankets back and jumped on the end of the bed. "Crowning!" she yelled follwed by "We're delivered!" The rest was all caos. I remember feeling her holding him between my legs. Hearing his little cry and her telling Phil that he looked really good. I remember her riding on the bed holding him there between my legs as they pushed me the rest of the way to the OR. I remeber her asking several times for a clamp so she could cut the cord and thinking freak people get the woman a clamp already! I remember them sliding the window open to the NICU and calling to them that they were delivered. Ill spare you the rest but let me just say that I am all about being numb for both the labor,birth and afterbirth! I guess I am just not the type that can take it quietly lol. I was really embarrassed after he was born thinking about how I had acted but I also remember the pain and think well how else could I have acted. lol. Anyway so there is the story. Ryder James Despain was born in the hallway of the hospital at 8:11PM. He weighed 3lbs 15oz and was 16inches long. He is doing amazingly well and we love him so much. He is such a fighter and everyone is so amazed at how well he is doing for 32 weeks. He has passed milestones this week that his brother didnt do till he was a week old. Sometimes with all the crazyness I forget that I had a baby 4 days ago. Im tried and stressed and completely overwhelmed but I am so happy to have him here and healthy. I am so greatful for my family and all of their help with EVERYTHING. I think of how I feel right now and know I couldnt do it without them.
His first night